I am a progressive designer and art director working in both print and digital realms. I specialize in brand and editorial design with a love for all printed matters. My approach is inter–disciplinary and frontier driven with a commitment to understanding and maintaining the integrity of each client’s unique identity.

After earning a BFA in Graphic Design, I have spent the past four years working as a freelancer for individual and corporate clients across the country in various industries. These combined experiences have helped to refine my aesthetic eye and have allowed me to come to a deeper awareness of the many intricacies and subtleties associated with the creative production process. 

While currently based in Los Angeles, CA, I tend to venture out as often as possible to enjoy my favorite pastime — travel. I believe the best camera is the one you have with you and that shoes aren’t always meant to be comfortable.



Art Direction
Editorial Design
Branding / Identity
Printed Materials
Book Design
Packaging Materials
Wedding Papergoods
Photoshoot Production
Brand Strategy

Clients / Collaborations

Mijeong Park, ILARansom Ltd.Goodwin, Jennifer Causey,
Once Wed, Linda Honan, Ginny Au, Withco, Tinge Floral,
Martha StewartStudio MondineLoomTec PetajaBrides

Portrait by  Eesome Co , all other imagery by   M. K. Sadler .

01  A collection of moments / memories.

02  All photos are by MK Sadler unless stated otherwise.